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"I’ve spent an obscene amount of time – possibly years – scouring the markets, stores and closets of the places I visit.” So you could say that Ling knows vintage. She knows the era, the provenance, the quality and rarity of every piece that passes through her hands. And it was in honour of these vintage stories and storied pieces that Ling decided to establish Le Salon – an intimate boutique that celebrates the culmination of Ling’s love and passion for vintage bags and jewellery. A visit to Le Salon takes time. After all, it’s not easy to compress Ling’s lifetime vintage pursuit into a thousand square feet. It’s a place that needs contemplation and exploration, and maybe even an in depth conversation with Ling about the significance of a particular piece.

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"We often hear stories about the one-of-a-kind piece that got away. Our advice: when you find something you love, act fast."

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