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PYAR "Found" Charm Necklace

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A beautifully textured and organically formed shell casted in recycled bronze then flash plated in 18k gold. A perfect accompaniment to mix and match with our other charms. Note the curious tiny hole on its side.

Pearls with cream and blush overtones found their way to us by boat on the waters of the East Nusa Tenggara — destined to be part of this found collection.  These pretty and pearly keepsakes are unique, varying in shape and size. It’s the perfect reminder to hold close to the heart.

Seen here paired with Cone Shell and "Be" Shell Amulet.

- 18k gold plated over recycled bronze

- Height 4.4 Width 3.2cm / 1.7” x 1.2”
- Weight 12.10g
- Cone Shell found on Canggu beach

- Height 3.45 Width 3.03cm / 1.3” x 1.1”
- Weight 10.90g
- "BE" Shell found on Ancaò beach

 - Handmade in Bali