ADOSG Snuff Box Bitter Sweet
ADOSG Snuff Box Bitter Sweet
ADOSG Snuff Box Bitter Sweet

ADOSG Snuff Box Bitter Sweet

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Lemongrass & Ginger.

"At the heart of every Asian home is a kitchen. And at the heart of this kitchen are the sublime spices that impart their magic to each dish they infuse. Bitter Sweet is a mortar full of freshly pounded Lemongrass hearts and ginger."

The porcelain Snuff Boxes come with 14 plaster noses for anointing with the accompanying fragrance recharge oil. Open the lid of the fragrance recharge oil and drop a few drops of the fragrance oil directly onto the noses. Start with about 15 drops. he noses will immediately become darker when the oil touches the plaster but as the oil absorbs they will return to their original colour. Some of the raw ingredients of the oils may change the colour of the noses over time but this won’t affect their fragrance diffusion. You may remove the noses and place in cupboards or drawers, or on your desk as you work.

The Snuff Boxes are not meant to fragrance a whole room, but to provide a subtle fragrant ambiance to spaces. Place near open windows to move the fragrance around a room, or simply display in the centre of a table. Replace the lid when not in use.

Crafted by the hands of eclectic designers, perfumers and ceramicists, ADOSG create art objects and home accessories that provoke curiosity and inspire imaginations.Our porcelain containers are made in collaboration with Belgium porcelain artisans, Serax.